Protect appliances from overvoltage

Protect appliances from overvoltage
  • Appliance protection
  • Saving money
  • Time saving

Such a situation can happen to everyone. For example, as usual, you want to turn on your favourite TV show in the evening, and find out that the TV does not work. The service will then display that you have an "Unjustified Claim’’. You have had over the network a power surge! "The product has failed due to increased network voltage.

Savings in this case is the value of an undamaged device. For high-quality television we can talk about up to several thousand or tens of thousands of Czech crowns. Be prepared for such a situation: make sure you prevent and analyse the network.

Watch out for yourself!

The voltage relay HRN-33 can be used for the basic function of under-voltage / overvoltage monitoring in a single phase network. To destroy your beautifully appliances a power surge is transmitted from the mains, which as a result of the high voltage destroys the input of the appliance. iNELS offers a solution in the form of a  voltage monitoring relay that monitors the mains voltage and immediately switches off the appliances in case of a power surge. It is not necessary before leaving the house to circulate the room and pulled out everything from the wall sockets. The Relay HRN-33 solution eliminates the annoying problem along with the subsequent repairs to appliances and provides evidence of facts about protection that energy providers or the insurance agent, will primarily be looking for.

In addition, the relay monitors the sequence and phase failure. Set the overvoltage / under-voltage value with the potentiometer on the front panel of the device. When the voltage fluctuates, an output contact is activated, which can turn off the main contact and signal the LED, or send an SMS message over the RFGSM-220 to your mobile.

We know that this is a professional topic, so please do not hesitate to contact us! We will be happy to explain how the system works.
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