Myths about electrical installation

Myths about electrical installation

Smart wiring, smart homes and smart home and building solutions are accompanied by a number of myths. Let's take a look at myths and facts.

But first, let us introduce the most important facts about houses and buildings: 

  • Energy prices are soaring at a dizzying pace
  • The sense of security is diminishing and the demand for home and building security is increasing
  • Technical systems of house and building management are complex uncoordinated and do not operate as a single technology unit
  • Up to 40% of the world's CO2 volume is produced by homes and buildings

Can you answer the question, what is a smart house?

Do you think these are remote-controlled lights with a key fob? The answer is: no. Or in your apartment is a smart remote controlled socket? Also no! Or the thermostat or any another partial solution? No again!

In order for the house to become smart, you need to understand all the technologies in the house so the system works, even when there is nobody at home, and that it is easily expandable with other options. Only then will it be independent, thinking for the owner, satisfying the owners’ wishes. It will be smart.

These facts come to the forefront of the viewpoint of many people deciding how to use modern technology in the construction of and securing the house and how to effectively equip the home while keeping the costs as low as possible

Price - myths and facts

The black polished car arrives up the driveway towards the beautiful house, lights on the driveway light the way, the entrance gate and the garage door opens, and after a while you enter the house that has recognized you personally and deactivates the security system. Touch the mobile phone display to open the front door, turn on the lights according to the pre-set intensity, the temperature in the rooms is perfect, the blinds pull themselves open, the awning goes up. After eating, clean the dishes in the dishwasher. You don’t have to turn it on, I'll do it just from the comfort of the leather sofa. You will sit comfortably in front of the TV. Once turned on, it activates the "watch TV" scene, the blinds are pulled down, the light turns on, the audio system turns on, and the TV sets your favourite channel. Everything will be taken care of in your house that knows what you like.

The dream of the future in the form of intelligent wiring appears to be the privilege of the rich, or does it belong only to film screens? Not so long ago. But! To calculate the cost of the smart installation implemented in a three-room apartment, we use light control, we regulate heating, switch sockets, lamps, blinds, all the classics and with remote control. You can upgrade it, whenever, according to ideas and financial options.

Light control (independent 2-circuit dimming with RFDEL-71B)
Heating regulation (4 wireless radiator heads RFATV-1 installed on radiators)
Switching sockets, lamps, blinds and other appliances (RFSA-66M switching component installed in the switchgear + switched lamp control socket)
Drivers: Touch RF Touch, smart RF box, wireless switches.
Everything for the price of 26 000, - CZK. It really is not much for comfort and saving thousands a year with regulated heating.

Concerns, fear of control - myths and facts

Today's technology is hurtling forward by leaps and bounds and the control of smart phones and tablets is quite simply. However, if we introduce control of wiring using remote controls or smart phones, it gives us the willies; at least let us not question whether it is even possible to control the installation with a touch panel or a smart phone.
Smart phone control is very simple. Download the application to a smart device by touch and in the comfort of your sofa or chairs in the garden or in a taxi, simply wherever you are, you control appliances, heating, blinds, or other enabled components through smart wiring. And if you really did not select any of the remotes that allow very comfortable and remote smart commands in an apartment or house. The smart wiring system can be combined with conventional switches. And you are gradually acquainting yourself with those remotes.

Savings - myths and facts

Bills and accounts ruined our lives, but what's the use, what we consume, we have to pay for. That's what makes us look at the rising costs of the new electric bill. Who wants to sit in the winter in front of a TV in two sweaters and wear a coat in the kitchen in the morning? But you can think the investment in new radiator would be great, and in the next second, you do not want to think because it just will not save any more money?
Systems based on equithermal control compare outdoor temperature with indoor and try to regulate the heating in the most efficient way to achieve the desired temperature as economical as possible. If we add the switching of "night current" heating to HDO, we can save another 10% of energy consumption.
If you put the heating thermoregulation in place of the classic thermostat dial and stop rotating the radiator thermo-head in the morning and evening, you can save up to 30% of your energy consumption.

Unnecessary, comfort and laziness - myths and facts

Controlling light scenes, pulling the pool cover out from the comfort of the couch, starting the dishwasher from work, checking the lights are off after you leave the house may seem like unnecessary comfort, and an unnecessary system for lazy people without the desire to move, losing memory and delegating the responsibility of controlling your property?

Let's look at it a little differently. What is most lacking today? Most of us answer - time. Yes, the most expensive commodity of the present is time. So take time for yourself, for your loved ones, for joy, for love, for satisfaction, for sharing communication. Let us use home automation to bring us time, allowing us to rejoice without unnecessary stress from the forgotten irons left on, the door not shut, the lights not turned off, the overflowing tap, sink or Bath! Or the uncomfortably cold house after coming home. Get time and save money that we will enjoy with our dearest ones.

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