Do not illuminate unnecessarily

Do not illuminate unnecessarily
  • Energy savings
  • Easy to install

You forgot to switch off?

In every family, occasionally there is a situation where the light shines completely unnecessarily in the bathroom, in the toilet, in the pantry, in the cellar, in the rooms you only visit occasionally. How does it look like practically when you leave the light on unnecessarily? A bulb with a power of 60W, shining 4 hours a day, consumes 438 CZK of electricity in an entire year. If you forget to turn off the light during the day and let it light up continuously, the energy consumption can climb up to 900, -. On the other hand, the investment in the time relay is only 288, - CZK.

How does iNELS do it?

An ordinary switch, you can use a timer relay SMR-T to make a time-controlled switch. It is mounted directly under the switch and is suitable not only for new installations but also for older ones where there is no neutral conductor. This time relay is characterized by silent switching through the non-contact switching element. The maximum load is 160W.
There is also a staircase switch CRM-4, which is designed for rack installation. It is able to switch the whole lighting circuit, where more lights requiring a lot of power are installed. It can switch fluorescent lamps, LEDs and energy saving bulbs up to a total of 4000W. It can be controlled by multiple buttons connected in parallel. With its load and performance, this device is very suitable for use in public spaces (staircases, halls, corridors, etc.)

Switch on, in time!

Each WC and bathroom has not only lighting, but also a fan. Often it turns out that the light turns off, but we'll forget about the fan. Few people think when leaving the house to think about checking whether the fan is off. But if you leave it on unnecessarily, your wallet will not let you sleep. And we have not taken into account the extra wear and tear on the fan and its subsequent replacement.
Install the SMR-H time relay that switches the fan on depending on the switching of the light. It is designed for installation in the installation box under the light switch or directly to the fan. You can set whether the fan should be ventilated when the light is switched on or when it is switched off. You can also set the desired ventilation time.

If for some reason you do not have the option to put the time relay under the switch, use the iNELS wireless version. This can be achieved by combining the RFWB and RFSA products. It will give you the easiest way to implement control in your existing installation. The switching component can be placed directly into the fan or light and can then be operated from the remote control (key rings, switches). Purchasing the multifunctional switching component gives you an integrated use of time functions, such as a delayed return. After the set time has elapsed, the switch will automatically switch off.


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