LARA Intercom

Music and internet radio player with intercom and videophone features



  • LARA is not only your radio and music player, but also can serve as an INTERCOM, DOOR COMMUNICATOR (VIDEO PHONE) or AUDIOZONE.
  • INTERCOM allows you two-way communication between all rooms in your homes. It allows communication between up to 8 LARAs.
  • In case of installation with IP Door Communicator 2N (with integrated Asterisk), it is possible to communicate not just between LARA but also between Smartphones (with iHC-MA, iHC-MI Apps).
  • VIDEOPHONE allows communication with IP door communicators from company 2N and ALPHATECH TECHNOLOGIES (IP BOLD); pictures, images and voices are being relayed to LARA. If you are not at home, all calls are transferred directly to your mobile device.
  • In one installation, you can connect 6 x LARA + 2 IP Door Communicators (or combine up to 8 accounts).
  • AUDIOZONE, that allows you to play your favorite songs within your home from anywhere.
  • Music is stored on NAS (Network Attached Storage).
  • You can simply put your LARA together through our LARA Configurator.


  • Power supply: Passive PoE 24 V DC/1.25 A
  • Min. /max. input: 1.4 W / 26 W (peak at maximum playback performance)
  • Display: Color OLED, Resolution: 128 x 128 pixels 
  • Microphone: yes




CONNECTION DIAGRAM:                        




Design Code         Name EAN
LARA-IC/BR LARA Intercom white 8595188149389
LARA-IC/AL LARA Intercom aluminium 8595188149372
LARA-IC/GE LARA Intercom ice 8595188149396
LARA-IC/PE LARA Intercom pearl 8595188149426
LARA-IC/MF LARA Intercom ivory 8595188149419
LARA-IC/IS LARA Intercom grey 8595188149402




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