Elko Hotel Touch screen EHT3

The control unit with touch screen EHT 3 is a suitable control element for iNELS in places where it is required to control multiple devices. The unit replaces multiple controllers and allows minimisation of the number of switches on the wall.

  • EHT3 control unit is also available in glass frames in black or white and is thus part of a comprehensive glass iNELS series of units for the management of the hotel rooms (GRMS).
  • The EHT3 is primarily designed to control hotel rooms (Guest Room Management System), but it can also be used it in other projects such as
    a multi-function control panel.
  • EHT3 off ers a user-friendly interface to control the hotel room; it was designed so that guests could easily create an environment that allows them to feel like home.
  • Changing the Graphical Interface is possible in consultation with the manufacturer to adapt it to specifi c hotel, offi ce building and restaurant projects.
  • With the units it is possible to adjust the temperature (a version is available with the possibility to adjust the fan speed of fan coil units), light scenes, shading, music and it is also possible to transmit information "Do Not Disturb" and "Make Up Room"
  • The unit enables the control of volume, choice of Internet radio stations from the LARA Radio player, as well as the ability to select TV channels.
  • "Do Not Disturb" and "Make Up Room" information about the state of the rooms can be visualized on a GHR3-11 glass reader or GDB3- 10glass info panel, which is located in the corridor at the entrance to the room, and it is also possible to send the information of these events directly to the front desk to inform staff .
  • EHT3 features a 3.5" color touchscreen with an aspect ratio of 3:4. The basic display resolution is 240 x 320 pixels. The color depth is 16.7 million colors (24 bit color, True Color).
  • Using the sensor touchpad, buttons and symbols can be operated on the screen by a gentle touch of a finger. The symbols on the screen are by "pressing" animate an associated outlet in the system.
  • EHT3 design is drawn into a row of instruments LOGUS90 (EHT3 but you cannot install into multi-frames with other devices in this design) and is designed for mounting into installation box.


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