USS control and signalling modules DO IT YOURSELF!

USS control and signalling modules DO IT YOURSELF! photo

Sometimes it's better to leave certain things to the pros, sometimes it's just a few clicks and you're done and no help is needed. One example is our USS control and signalling modules that meet this requirement.

As the abbreviation of the module name implies, it is entirely up to you how you combine them. The USS is based on the original form, but thanks to the innovative solution, their installation is easier. The basis is a box in a 1-MODULE version, which is mounted on a DIN rail. You can fit up to 2 positions of units from our offer (switches, buttons and indicators that flash or light up permanently), thus saving space in the switchboard compared to competing products.

The units are supplied as standard separately in 16 types, the configuration of which you can determine yourself. Switches and pushbuttons meet high demands on switching frequency and contact quality. You can control the switching and signalling in one unit thanks to the plug switch. Bright luminosity thanks to the SMD LED diode, which evenly illuminates the area of ​​the clear signal light with its colour, has a permanently lit and flashing signal light. And if you don't fit the module with two units, the blanking plug will serve well to blind the position in the front panel of the USS module.

Thanks to the two unit connection, you can control up to 24 different circuits on 12 of our modules. Quick installation and clean design is also a plus.

Technical parameters

  • Rated current / voltage:
    - USS-01, USS-04, USS-05, USS-07, USS-08, USS-09: 6 A / 250 V AC
    - USS-02, USS-03, USS-06/S, USS-06/R: 10 A / 250 V AC
  • Signal supply voltage AC 230 V (A1-A2) or AC/DC 24 V (A1-A3)
  • Operating temperature  -20 °C to + 55 °C (-4 °F to 131 °F)
  • Clamp terminals 3M with screw
  • 1-MODULE, DIN rail mounting
     Types of units               Diagram   eshop Model  Code
USS-ZM: Basic MODULE (housing with
terminals and contacts) 
- to eshop 3D 2457
USS-00 Blind flange
to eshop  3D 2461
USS-01  Switch to eshop 3D 2462
USS-02 Alternation switch to eshop 3D 2463
USS-03  Switch with central position to eshop 3D 2464
USS-04 Switch + button with central position to eshop 3D 2465
USS-05  Switching button with central position to eshop 3D 2466
USS-06/R  NO switch to eshop 3D 3637 
USS-06/S   NC switch to eshop 3D 2467
USS-07  Switch with glow lamp (red) to eshop 3D 2468
USS-08  Switch with glow lamp (green) to eshop 3D 2469 
USS-09  Switch with glow lamp (yellow) to eshop 3D 2470 
USS-10  Signalling LED (red) to eshop 3D 2433 
USS-11 Signalling LED (green) to eshop 3D 2434 
USS-12  Signalling LED (yellow) to eshop 3D 2435 
USS-13  Signalling LED (white) to eshop 3D 2436
USS-14  Signalling LED flashing (red) to eshop 3D 2489 
USS-15  Signalling LED (blue) to eshop 3D 2437 



Date of publication: 08. 06. 2022

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