Wireless touch unit - RF Touch-2/B

EAN: 8595188182669 | Code: 8266 standard
  • RF  Touch- 2 is central unit with 4“ capacitive display.
  • It works as a switch for most appliences and also controles heating, lights and shades. It can control your smarthome from one place
  • User interface comes from new intuitive app iNELS.
  • In order to work as thermostat it is equipped with humidity sensor. it has option for weekly program heating/cooling.
  • For higher comfort and energy saving it has new motion sensor thanks to which the display lights up by waving your hand.
  • This unit can control up to 40 units of iNELS RF Control + 30 detectors
  • It has 3 options of charging by using:
  • Screwless terminals
    • Active POE
    • USB-C.
    • Simple instalation to the assembly box thanks to innovative construction
  • NEW:
  • new options for connecting to a mobile phone via Wi-Fi or cloud
  • temperature and humidity sensor
  • 4“ capacitive display


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