BUS separator from power supply BPS3-02M

BUS separator from power supply

EAN: 8595188132435 | Code: 3243 standard


  • Units BPS3-01M and BPS3-02M serve for impedance separation of BUS from supply voltage power.
  • BUS separator BPS3-01M or BPS3-02M is required for each type CU3- 01M (02M) or CU3-05M (06M) central unit and external master MI3-02M.
  • BPS3-01M allows you to connect one BUS with max. load 3 A.
  • BPS3-02M allows you to connect two separate BUS1 and BUS2 with max. load 1 A for each line.
  • Outputs are equipped with overcurrent and overvoltage protection.
  • Indication of output voltage outputs BUS LED.
  • BPS3-01M and BPS3-02M in 1-MODULE version is designed for mounting into a switchboard, on DIN rail EN60715

Technical parameters 

  • Output: 2x BUS
  • Supply voltage (frequency): BUS 27 V DC
  • Rated current: 15 mA (at 27 V DC)
  • Dimensions: 90 x 17.6 x 64 mm


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